FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Technical

    What is SafeSPI?
    The Serial Peripheral Interface for Automotive Safety (SafeSPI) is an open standard based on the de-facto Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) industry standard. 


    What are the differences between SPI and SafeSPI?
    Because there is no formal SPI standard, a wide variety of protocol options exist. SafeSPI standardizes a subset of protocol options, with the aim to increase inter-operability and reduce the development effort of new systems, devices and software.


    Why does SafeSPI support both in-frame and out-of-frame protocols?
    In automotive safety applications, there is often an independent monitoring device (often termed “safing”) which listens to sensor data on the SPI bus. In the market, both in-frame and out-of-frame monitoring are common.


    How is SafeSPI related to PSI5?
    Peripheral Sensor Interface 5 (PSI5) is an interface for automotive sensor applications. Both SafeSPI and PSI5 are standards that target the transmission of sensor data. Whereas PSI5 is typically used for communication between a sensor and an ECU, SafeSPI is typically used for communication within an ECU.

    Which SafeSPI components are available in the market?
    The SafeSPI specification is not yet stable. There are multiple devices under development which will meet the SafeSPI specification. Please refer to the contacts/web sites given on the organization page.

  • Organizational

    Where can I get additional information or personal contact?
    Please contact on the SafeSPI steering committee members to get additional information. Use the Contacts page on this website.


    Are there any restrictions for using & implementing SafeSPI?
    SafeSPI is an open standard and can be used and implemented free of charge.


    How can I become a member of SafeSPI?
    Please apply to one of the SafeSPI steering committee members. Use the Contacts page on this website.
    You will receive an Associated Member's agreement. When this document is signed by you and by the Steering Committee, you will become a member of SafeSPI.


    How can I assure that my own developments will comply with the SafeSPI standard?
    If you plan to implement SafeSPI into your device, we recommend to join the SafeSPI associated members in order to be informed of the latest technical developments.

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